Upcoming Events at Mystical Bazaar

We are starting a series of evening events in our new Mandala room.
See our calendar below:


Dark Moon Drum Journey with Jewel
August 17th 6.45-8.15pm $35
September 14th 6.45pm -8.15pm $35

Dying Consciously with Giselle
August 19th 4pm-6pm $35
August 26th 4pm-6pm $35
September 2nd 4pm-6pm $35

Heart Meditation & Reiki with Premdevi
September 12th 6:30pm- 7.45pm $14
September 26th 6:30pm- 7.45pm $14

Journey to the Chakras in Colors with Brett
Every Tuesday 7pm -8pm $14

Journey into Energy Healing with Dr. Adler
September 20th 6:30pm-8:00 pm $25

Guided Angel Chakra Meditation with Joyea
September 13th 6pm-7pm $14

Learn Palmistry with Brett
August 16th 5.30pm-7pm $45
August 24th 5.30pm-7pm $45

Living Consciously with Jewel
August 17th 5pm-6.30pm $35
September 14th 5pm-6.30pm $35

Meet your Angel Guides with Joyea
September 30th 5pm-6.30pm $35

Call for reservations at 928-204-5615
Or e-mail [email protected]


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