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Crystal and Gemstone Gallery

We search the world for rare, unusual and hard to find crystals and gemstones. We encourage you to interact with the stones, tuning in to the unique vibration each one carries.

Discover the Healing Properties of Gemstones

Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in selecting crystals and gemstones that can help you to energize, relax, or balance your body and mind. While crystals cannot replace medical treatment, they can lend a supportive, healing vibration to your energy field that can improve your overall well-being. Every gemstone you purchase comes with a card describing its energetic properties and spiritual attributes.

Our large selection of over 300 varieties of crystals and gemstones are priced to be affordable.  We shop for the best deals and pass the savings along to you.  Come to explore the mineral and crystal realms with us at Mystical Bazaar!

We also provide a personal shopping experience and ship items directly to you. You can speak directly with one of our associates, and we will happily assist you with finding the perfect product that matches the energy that you are seeking. 

Crystals and Gemstones: Amethyst


Stone of spiritual protection


Stone of prosperity

Orange Stones

Orange Stones

Promote vitality


Stone of joy and motivation

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz:

Stone of self-love

Blue Stones

Assist in clear communication

Blue Stones
Malachite Gemstone


Stone of transformation

Purple Stones:

Support meditation and introspection

Purple Stone
Gemstone Spheres

Spheres Shaped Stones:

Bring harmony to your home

Sedona Red Rock:

Intensifies life energy and rejuvenates

Sedona Red Rock Stones
Chrysocolla and Malacolla

Chrysocolla and Malacolla:

Stones for emotional balance

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