Aura Photography

Aura Photo with 22 pages Interpretation

Aura Photography: ancient wisdom meets modern technology as we experience the mysteries of the Aura.

The $36 report will include:

  • Two photos of your Aura: face and full body
  • Visual image of your entire chakra system
  • Explanation of the main aura color: your personality type and characteristics
  • Significance of the size and shape of your chakras
  • Mental, physical, spiritual balance ratios
  • Energy Level Graph, which measures your vibrational field in mind/body/spirit
  • State of Mind/Body Graph which indicates if you are stressed or relaxed
  • Male-female energy balance

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What is the Aura?

The aura is an electromagnetic energy field formed by subtle color radiances that surround the body of a human being. Each color signifies a certain vibration, and each has different meaning. We all have an aura that extends out of our body.

A large and clear aura indicates a powerful radiance which other people can feel as your charisma. A small and dark aura can indicate a low energy caused by a physical or an emotional state.

Every color has its unique qualities and purposes. Imagine a color wheel. Each color is a location on the wheel. No color is better than another. Each has its inherent lessons, its positive and challenging traits. Remember, there are not “good” or “bad” auras, just different ones.

In our Aura Photo room biofeedback probes pick up your energy field. The camera displays this information as a colorful field around your body. When doing interactive aura display every second the display is updated according to the information coming in from the measurement unit. This enables one to experience directly energetic phenomena and use this for therapeutic means or the adjustment of personal vibrations.

Aura Chakra Graph and Aura Analysis

The 7 main Chakras or energy centers are displayed in the Aura Chakra Image along the spine. The shape, size, and intensity of the color of each chakra reflect various physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states within the aura.

Knowing about your chakras will help you determine the correct product or treatment to create more balance and higher energy in your life.

Aura Base Colors and your Personality Type

Most people vibrate within a certain range of colors, which represents a person’s aura type. The human energy field changes from time to time, as a function of one’s experience and views on life. However, the overall aura remains substantially the same over time. Knowing the meaning of your aura color is the first essential step in each evaluation.

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Aura Photo includes:

Two Images, 22-page report, personal crystal and chakras guide pamphlet

Available in 16 languages

No appointment required!


Aura Energy Level

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