Inner Exploration

In addition to our psychic readings we offer a unique opportunity to explore the inner world, release blocked energies, and bring clarity to unresolved issues. You may find a new sense of direction in your life.

Akashic Records Readings

Accessing the Akashic Records is a powerful tool to help you remember why you chose the circumstances of your present life situation. By delving into the record of your soul’s journey you are able to receive messages to better understand yourself, the path you are on, and your life purpose.
30 minutes $79
40 Minutes $99
60 Minutes $139

Astrological Consultation

This session shines a light on all aspects of an individual, serving as a map of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual natures. It contains our soul direction and our purpose for incarnating on earth for this particular lifetime.
An astrology reading requires the date, exact time and place of birth.
75 minutes $230.00 – Chart included.

Emotional Clearing

Outer events or people can provoke negative emotions in us. Acknowledging these emotions can lead us to an unresolved issue from the past that needs attention and acceptance. This process allows our true feelings to surface. We learn to value ourselves and experience our emotional strength. This is a seated session.
30 minutes $79
40 Minutes $99
60 Minutes $139


Call 928.204.5615 to schedule an appointment.

We also offer phone readings and Skype sessions.

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