New at Mystical Bazaar

– We just got a new collection of Andara Crystals.
Dorisanne is wire wrapping some of them so you can wear these stunning pieces.

Andara are composed primarily of ‘prima matra’ (sacred matter) heated to very high temperatures…the ‘sacred matter’ powders coming from this sacred land were created
by an inter-dimensional energy implosion.

– A bracelet with Shungite (Stone of miracles and protection), Pyrite (Stone of psychic development) and Healer’s Gold (Stone of balance and harmony)

Special Offer: 20% off any crystals when you mention this e-mail
Offer expires September 7th, 2012

September’s Events

Dark Moon Drum Journey with Jewel
September 14th 5pm- 6.30pm and 6.45pm -8.15pm $35

Heart Meditation & Reiki with Premdevi
September 12th 6:30pm- 7.45pm $14
September 26th 6:30pm- 7.45pm $14

Journey to the Chakras in Colors with Brett
Every Tuesday 7pm -8pm $14

Journey into Energy Healing with Dr. Adler
September 20th 6:30pm-8:00 pm $25

Guided Angel Chakra Meditation with Joyea
September 13th 6pm-7pm $14

Living Consciously with Jewel
September 14th 5pm-6.30pm and 6.45pm -8.15pm $35

Meet your Angel Guides with Joyea
September 30th 5pm-6.30pm $35

Fall Equinox Shamanic Drumming with Jewel
September 21st 5pm-6.30pm and 6.45pm -8.15pm $35

The Autumnal Equinox marks the transition from Summer to Winter. It is a moment – a still point – between seasons where we are able to reflect on the fruits of our labors and to prepare for an inward movement and period of quiet reflection. It is the start of the cycle of descent into darkness, a celebration and preparation for death and our eventual rebirth. As leaves fall from the trees, our journey will take us to a place where we can release that which no longer serves us and to see the humification of that which we release as the life force for the soul to evolve and grow our consciousness.

In shamanic drumming, the beating of the drum allows you to enter an altered state of awareness to journey between the physical and spiritual world and to be able to deeply connect with this process. Honor the unfolding of your spirit at this time and emerge transformed to embrace the return of the winter months ahead.


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