News from Mystical Bazaar:

Have You Heard about Our New Rare Selection
of Transformative Power Stones?

Discover the magic that each stone carries
to enhance your extraordinary vision!

These stones bring unique and subtle properties for self-discovery, healing and manifestation.

Here is the list of our new available tumbled stones :

Amblygonite: Stone of Will Power

Que Sera: Stone of Self-Empowerment

Tsavorite: Stone of Wealth

Green Garnet: Stone of Confidence

Thulite: Stone of Eternal Joy

Bustamite: Stone of joyful Playfulness

Lemurian: Jade Stone of New Vision

Indicolite: Stone of 3rd Eye Awareness

Heliador: Stone of Activation

Green Beryl: Stone of Fearlessness

Tugtupite: Stone of Unconditional Love

Guardianite: Stone of Empowerment

Z-Stone: Stone of Prophecy

Hamphibole Quartz: Stone of Angelic Presence

Crazy Lace Agate: Stone of Laughter

Your Team at Mystical Bazaar


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