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2012 Transformational Bracelets

In this year of profound shifting energies and an awareness of the need to become fully
conscious beings we are delighted to be able to offer our new range of power bracelets.
The crystals in these bracelets carry the highest vibration and have been activated to
assist you in your process of self-realization. The first three bracelets carry the energy of
Universal Love and Healing, Infinite Light and Unity Consciousness.

All bracelets are priced at $89.95 each and
will be a limited edition due to the rarity of the crystals.

Universal Love and Healing
Auralite, White Ray Azeztulite and Morganite
This bracelet is attuned to heal all woundedness in the subtle bodies to allow the wearer
to connect with and ground the pure White Light of the divine. As the light is embodied
it opens the heart to recognize that we are all one and that what we are is pure love
and light. This is intended for those who wish to do serious inner healing, to embody
their divinity and live life as an expression of pure love.

Infinite Light
White Ray Azeztulite, Seraphinite and Infinite
This bracelet supports the ability to live consciously as the embodiment of the infinite
light, anchoring the light into the earth realm. These crystals cleanse and re-pattern
the auric field and support living from the heart. Their synergy simultaneously provides a
continuous flow of nurturing energy from the heart of the earth and divine connection to
the spiritual and angelic realms; thus aiding healers in their service to humanity during
these powerful shifts.

Unity Consciousness
Himalaya Gold Azeztulite, Pink Azeztulite, Master Shamanite,
White Ray Azeztulite with Malachite and Snow Quartz

This bracelet is programmed to aid in the process of transcending the world of duality
thinking with its emotional polarizations and projections. It helps to release the old and
stressful to move to a place of resolution and higher perspective. The crystals will
help amplify your energy field to the highest vibrational frequencies of the heart, the
Higher Heart or Unity Consciousness. They assist in opening us to the possibility of realizing our Oneness with the whole of creation. It is intended for those wishing to do whatever is
necessary to move within, purify and completely transform.

Your team at Mystical Bazaar


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