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Angel Readings with Joyea


Joyea is an ambassador and channel for the Angels.  In 1987 she co-founded the Ascended Masters Foundation, an international active community and spiritual organization that provides teachings and revives the traditions of the Mystery Schools created during the Golden Ages of the great civilizations. 
Her sessions provide deep awareness, personal guidance, and clear direction from the channeled presence of the Angelic realm.  The messages provide an open pathway to connect to your own highest expression.  This connection to your celestial overseers will help inform a practical way of bringing that divine direction into your daily life. 
Embraced in Angelic light, you are awakened and empowered to express the unique and special gifts you bring to this world.

  • Angel Card Reading
  • Spirit Guides Reading
  • Angelic Life Coaching
  • Relationship Counseling
  • Chakra Reading & Balancing
  • Meditation Guidance
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Angel Healing Touch

Call 928-204-5615 for an appointment


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