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Unusual gemstones, stunning jewelry pieces,
latest books and more..

Upcoming Events:

Make the Most of Venus Retrograde

with Annie Konovitch
Thursday, March 26 6:00-7:30 pm $30

Venus, ruler of Love, Beauty, and Money, is retrograde from March 6th-April 17.
Join Annie to learn what to do and what NOT to do during this transit.  We will discuss general implications of the transit and hone in on the challenges and opportunities specific to each individual in attendance.
$30 includes general lecture, individual Venus Retrograde Reading, and print out of your natal chart.

Feel free to bring a copy of your natal chart if you have it.
Limited space!
Call 928.204.5615 to reserve your place.


Joyful Manifestation with Sanat Kumara

Presented by Terri Love
March 27th from 6PM to 8PM Price $35

Sanat Kumara will share his teachings through Terri Love. This group session is for those who are choosing to move beyond FEAR. The theme will be FEAR or JOY, WHICH DO YOU CHOOSE? Each Person will be allowed to ask one question. Terri will be recording this session. The CD will be available for $15 each.
Limited Space! Please
Call 928.204.5615 to reserve your place.

Bio-Meridian Stress Assessment

Saturday, April 4, 2009
Appointments available 8.30am-4.30pm
45 minutes $85.00

The Meridian Stress Assessment System provides an extraordinary new perspective on the state of the body’s energetic health.
  • Look at the structural and functional integrity of your important body systems.
  • Test for toxicity and drainage levels and their negative impact on energy and organ functions.
  • Dietary evaluations for optimal nutritional balance.
  • Learn about and put into action complementary approaches that can help you achieve a more balanced and energetic state.
The process involves measuring electrical conductivity at responsive meridian points on the hands and feet.  Non-invasive sensitivity training.  No scratch testing or injections are necessary.
Limited Space!
Call 928-204-5615 for reservations

Aura Readings and Diagnosis

Flower Essences

Readings with Clifton Harris
Wednesday 29th April 12pm – 4pm

Flower essences
Clifton Harrison is a Homeopath, Aura Reader and Crystal Healer who specializes in Auric Healing, and heart repair to allow new love and opportunities to enter your life. He is the creator of the Botanical Alchemy Flower Essences & the Isis Temple Aura Cleanser.
Clifton will be demonstrating how to use the delightful Aura Cleanser & the Botanical Alchemy Flower Essences by offering personal Aura reading, cleansing and diagnosis. Time permitting he may touch on how your current issues relate to your soul path and the Flower Essence Blends that will be most helpful.
Wednesday 29th April 12pm – 4pm
Price: $20 for 25 minutes

Limited Space
Call 928-204-5615 for reservations


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