Star Code Activations

Mary Martin at Mystical Bazaar:

Star Code Activations

Saturday, August 28th
Time: 10.30 am to 2.30 pm.
No reservation needed; first come, first activated.
Cost: Donation

Each Star Code Activation is received individually and will consist of only 15 minutes of your time. As you have been preparing your embodiment for this journey, (meaning you are aware and conscious to a greater Source), each chakra will first be aligned, your aura cleansed, and then the activation will take place. As the portal of Higher Consciousness is opened, you are then fully prepared to receive.

Activating the Star Code will integrate into the chakra and will automatically begin the process of healing, cleansing, removing blockages, karmic records, etc. As “time” passes, and you allow your “mind” to not “expect”, and the Flow Energy is produced, you will begin to see the results of past issues leave. If your embodiment is “receiving” in this process, because you have already raised your vibration to higher dimensions, then the Intelligence of Gifts that are Infinite will begin process as the embodiment begins to align.

Each Star Code comes in the form of an Energetic Crystal Disc. Each Disc formulated from 1 of the 13 stars, contains Infinite language frequency of sound and color. Mary has been designed to withstand all 13 Star Codes at once. During her Star Code arrival process, she will be the facilitator and the Receiver of the continual messages that they deliver. Mary is the “conduit” in this transfer process, and her Knowing and Trust is Truth as she travels these Greater Dimensions.

The Intelligence of Yom Star activates a Human to the sustainable amount that “we” as humans can admit at once. As the body has adjusted in conditions of Meditation and creating Peace within, is when you WILL know with Yom star, when you are ready to receive more. You can NEVER be “overloaded” or not “receive” enough. For Yom Star and these Codes are the GOD CODE of Superior Intelligence, and our Gifts for healing every aspect of the Truest Source.

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