Readings with Sharon and Yvonne

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Readings with Sharon and Yvonne

Sharon has degrees in visual art and psychology with a Masters degree in teaching. Her natural intuitive abilities have helped her to excel as a teacher, artist, and counselor for many years.
Through the energy of your signature, she will connect with you and receive messages for your highest good. Her readings are very grounded and clear, giving you practical guidance on relationships, career changes, health problems, spiritual direction, etc. Sharon’s intent as a reader is to provide information that empowers you with a clearer vision of yourself and your greatest potential.

Yvonne is certified in Acupressure, Reflexology and Chakra Energy work. Her gifts consist of connecting with her spirit guides to bring forth vital information to questions being asked. As a Medium, past loved ones come through with accuracy and confirmation. As a Psychic she describes …her abilities as if she is watching a movie or a photo is being shown to her.


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