New VibroAcoustics Mats

10 minutes Free Sessions
On our New VibroAcoustics Mats

Friday and Saturday 9th/ 10th and 16th/17th 1PM to 5PM

Enhance Your Quality of Life
Simply Lie Back, Close Your Eyes and
Let the Music Take You Away
In Minutes Emerge Refreshed, Calm and Balanced
Ready to Enjoy Life!

What does VibroAcoustics do for you?

VibroAcoustic equipment produces an effect by which physical vibrations are felt by your body when the device is connected to a sound source. They bathe you with relaxing, healing vibrations and encapsulate you in soothing sounds as your stresses melt away. These mats vibrate at a variety of speeds at the same time, due to the different vibrational rates of each note in a piece of music. VibroAcoustics stimulates the muscles, increases blood flow and moves fluid throughout the body. The  result in decreased muscle tension, a lowered heart rate and blood pressure, a deeper breathing pattern, calming of the stomach, and a peaceful, pleasant mood.
We have also available Music Medicine  CD’s specifically designed to promote relaxation and/or reduce stress, to induce various brainwave states, for meditation practices, to clear emotional blockages and balance the chakras or to address specific physical disorders.
Personalized sound therapy treatments available at our store – 30 minutes $30



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