New at Mystical Bazaar:

You are invited to browse through our new website to find out about our guided tours to sacred sites. We have a variety of specialized tours that can all be further customized to fit your individual needs of the moment. Our tours are suited for all ages; individuals, families and groups.

Sedona Vortex Tour

is the ideal introductory tour to immerse yourself in the splendor of the red rocks and surrounding landscape. There is plenty of time built in for questions and/or simply sitting and feeling the diverse energies of the different vortexes. Set your own pace and drink in the beauty.

Sedona Shamanic Journey

takes you deeper into the beliefs of the indigenous cultures that have graced this land for centuries. Enjoy authentic rituals and ceremony in the trusted hands of well-travelled guides, who will help bring out your inner wisdom.

Chakra Awakening Tour

is designed to both educate and have you experience for yourself this wondrous map of body, mind and spirit. Your guide’s down-to-earth approach acts as a powerful steppingstone to awakening consciousness.

Mystical Journey

is our most extensive inner exploration for those interested in letting go of the past. It is specially designed for deep personal healing – nourishing and accepting oneself, creating space for new possibilities to arise.

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