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The Energies of Sedona

By Terra Sonora


Sedona is a unique place on the planet. People come here from all over the world to experience the energy of our famous vortices. It is known as a place for healing and having a spiritual experience. Most people find it on the sacred land here. Those of you who have enjoyed one of our vortex tours know firsthand what I’m talking about. It is truly transformative to stand on the edge of a red rock cliff and take in the incredible beauty here. It stirs the soul.
This amazing place awakens the heart. It compels one to consider “Who or what created this?”  This is a deep question and the answer lies between you and God. Whatever your “higher power” beliefs may be, we ponder that this certainly could all be the result of amazing geologic events in our earthly history. Somehow it seems to be more than that and Sedona may test your spiritual beliefs.
I do believe that the red rocks, consisting of sandstone/quartz and oxidized iron certainly create an enhanced electromagnetic field here. Each human body has electromagnetic properties on a cellular level, so how can such a powerful environment not affect us?  It is still up to each individual to create your own unique Sedona experience.  Some feel nothing and wonder what all  the vortex hullabaloo is about. Some people start crying and they don’t know why. Some will feel a joy and elation like they have never felt before.  Thankfully I was always in the latter category! 
I discovered Sedona in 1989 and made 40 trips here from New York over a 17-year period before moving here in 2006.  I have been leading spiritual retreats and vortex tours here in Sedona for more than 11 years.  My experience has taught me that Sedona provides a raw energy for us to work with. What we focus on tends to manifest, so be sure to focus on your best possible potentialities.
If you do have some emotion that comes up to be healed, simply thank the inner self for bringing this to the light, and gently release it.  Choose to focus on creating a healed and balanced condition within yourself.  Utilize these Sedona energies to send your positive prayers out into the Universe. Trust that your prayers are heard. 
Most of all, be sure to gaze into these amazing red rocks, and remember that the same Creator that made all this beauty, also created you. Trust that all is in Divine Order.


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