Crystals: Cleansing, Charging and Programming

Crystals are highly charged gemstones that carry metaphysical properties. These special stones can facilitate healing, bring certain qualities into your life, or assist in dealing with life situations.

Before you begin using your new crystals, you may want to cleanse, charge, and program them.

Cleansing: Many traditions use natural elements to cleanse and charge crystals: laying or grounding them into the earth, submerging them in water, or smudging with sage. Crystals are best cleansed regularly in order to transmute any negative energies they may have absorbed. A crystal clearing spray is good for this purpose. Mystical Bazaar’s Crystal Clearing Spray is available with free shipping with our monthly special offer.

Charging: Once cleansed, you can place your crystals in the sunlight or moonlight to charge it with both a  male/female energy.

Programming: Using the power of your intention, you can program your crystals e.g.: “I intend for this crystal to be used for inner peace, well- being and love.”


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