Book Signing with Reed R. Critchfield

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 Book Signing with Reed R. Critchfield

Saturday 10th July

4pm to 4.30pm Book Presentation and Discussion
4.30pm to 7pm Book Signing 

by Reed R. Critchfield

It’s the end of the Mayan Calendar.
What will it bring; birth, death, both, or nothing at all?

At dawn on December 21, 2012 the sun will rise within the dark rift (a black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy around which our Galaxy revolves), an event that occurs once every 25,800 years. Is this to be a non-event like all the other doomsday prophecies or does it mark the end of life on earth as we know it?

Ervin Laszlo says:
“We now live in a period of transformation, when a new world is struggling to be born. Ours is an era of decision-a window of unprecedented freedom to decide our destiny.”  
If we are indeed living in the opening phases of a period of social, political, economic and ecological instability – then we are inside that crucial decision-window Laszlo describes. We are approaching the culmination point of the Mayan Calendar or the “end time”. Humankind stands at the crossroads of opportunity known as the “Singularity”. The choice is ours to turn the world toward a new beginning or allow it to continue on its downward spiral into oblivion.  
Whatever happens, we are faced with revolution on a planetary scale. To minimize the upheaval and to carry us into the next Galactic Age is the charge of those who have been incarnated to this era. This may be a window of opportunity to change the way you think that you can’t afford to pass up.
It’s time to expose ourselves for what we really are.
To discover your true nature is to unlock the gate to your soul.
Your job is to come to yourself. Your time is now.

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