Add and Aura Photo to an Aura Clearing 

Release stagnant energies and emotional blockages and receive the benefit of mental clarity and a boost in vital energy. This is a seated or standing session.

  • Aura Photo 23 page report (regular price $29)
  • Aura Clearing 20 minutes (regular price $55)
  • Aura Clearing Spray (regular price $21.95)

Regular Price $105.95

Special $85



Add an Aura Photo to a Chakra Awareness Reading

Bring awareness to your chakras system with the help of a skilled reader. Experience how to clear and harmonize the seven centers to restore balance in daily life. In addition you will receive a Chakra Stones Pouch.

  • Aura Photo 23 page report (regular price $29)
  • Chakra Awareness Reading 30 minutes (regular price $75)
  • Chakra Stones Pouch (regular price $11.95)

Regular Price $115.95

Special $98


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