Shungite For Wellbeing


Shungite is found in the Russian part of Karelia. The deposit of shungite extends over a vast area of 3,500 miles, several hundred feet below the surface.

Shungite is protective, healing and detoxifying.

It is likely due to the presence of fullerenes that shungite does not take on a charge when exposed to sources such as electromagnetic radiation or human emotional influences.

Shungite modifies the influence of electromagnetic radiation because it does not become saturated or take on negative charge, and powerfully keeps on transforming the radiation into bio-compatible elements.

Wearing a shungite pendant or placing a shungite object in your home can provide protection from WI-FI signals, electrical panels, cordless phones and laptops.

It also acts as a natural antioxidant, immune booster, pain reliever, and allergen suppressant.


Shungite Pyramids

shung-pyramids-stonesPyramids are, in general, very much appreciated for the beauty of their form and for the power they release. A pyramid emits its own form waves that carry the shungite influence quiet a distance.

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Shungite Spheres

shung-spheresSpheres emit a uniform and harmonious emanation powerful for the body.

Small spheres of shungite are often used for relaxation and meditation, or paired with other stones as harmonizers.

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Shungite Flat Disks

When you are feeling tired, hold the stone in your hand for three minutes and by “contacting” it, your vital energy will return instantly. Having a shungite stone handy can be useful in small, daily emergencies.

RoundStonesBlack6804500trFor example, in case of a small burn or cut, place a piece of shungite on the affected area and let it work for ten minutes. Healing will take place more quickly because the shungite activates localized, self-healing power by speeding up the reaction process in the body tissues. Also placing two discs of shungite on your closed eye-lids helps eye strain after a day of work, especially when working in front of a computer screen.
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Cell Phone Protector

cell-stonesA small adhesive disc will neutralize the harmful effects of cell phone waves, which may negatively influence your health and cerebral and auditory functions.

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Shungite Pendants

Having a piece of shungite on one’s person protects, tones, and adds vitality. Wearing a pendant will exercise a powerful effect on the whole energetic body.

orgabite-om-pendantIt is effective in restoring lost vitality during convalescence or during times of stress. Shungite can help battle fatigue during long trips. It will reconnect us to the earth, while it centers, grounds and protects.

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Shungite Bracelets

shungbraceletBracelets are very effective because the wrist is traversed by many meridian lines.

They are especially useful for people who are in contact with a computer mouse or a telephone all day.

Bracelets can help prevent numbness in the arm.

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Shungite Earrings

shung-earringsEarrings, even with their small size, are useful in protecting the ear from the impact of waves coming from cell phones or cordless phones.

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Energizing Water Stones


These Shungite stones are specifically used to clean water of heavy metals, chlorine, bacteria and harmful microorganisms. Shungite restores the mineral balance, thus helping cure many chronic illnesses.
The stones are placed in four cups of water for a specified amount of time to acquire all the medicinal properties.

Full instructions are included with the package.

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shung-bookThe author takes the reader through an exploration of the energetic properties of shungite. She reveals how it facilitates energetic transfers between the chakras and higher energies outside the body and can be used to harmonize living spaces.

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