Vortex Tours

Sedona Vortex Tour

Sedona Vortex Tour is the ideal introductory tour to immerse yourself in the splendor of the red rocks and surrounding landscape. There is plenty of time built in for questions and/or simply sitting and feeling the diverse energies of the different vortexes.

Appropriate for all ages, this delightful personal tour is a great introduction to the beauty and mystery of Sedona.

This vortex tour will include:

  • Explanation of the vortex site
  • Guidance to one or more vortexes
  • Exploring the surrounding land
  • Learning how to tune in and “feel” the energy
  • Intuitive reading from your guide, upon request

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Shamanic Journey

Shamanic Journey takes you deeper into the beliefs of the indigenous cultures that have graced this land for centuries.

At a secret Shamanic Vortex you will experience:

  • Opening prayer honoring the land
  • Ceremonial clearing of the aura
  • A sacred ceremony where we will connect with the spirit realm and ask to receive guidance, healing or perhaps identify and connect with your totem power animal
  • Personalized Medicine Pouch – you will receive and learn how to use; what herbs and stones to include to support you on your path
  • Set intentions and receive intuitive guidance to help bring clarity to present life situations
  • Personal empowerment tools you can utilize in daily life

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Chakra Awakening Tour

Chakra Awakening Tour is designed for you to experience this wondrous map of body, mind and spirit.

This tour will include:

  • Explanation of the chakra system and how it is experienced when healthy and in balance
  • Chakra scan in conjunction with your guide to help identify blockages
  • Indicators of imbalanced or blocked chakras as they may apply to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies
  • Teachings on everyday techniques to clear and balance chakras
  • Chakra balancing using a variety of techniques which may include: using our  handmade balancing oils; sound vibrations such as toning; guided visualization

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Sacred Healing Journey

Mystical Journey is our most extensive inner exploration for those interested in letting go of the past. It is specially designed for deep personal healing – nourishing and accepting oneself, creating space for new possibilities to arise.

The journey will include:

  • Invocation for creating sacred space
  • Drawing on the guide’s healing practices and using natural elements to go within and connect with your inner wisdom
  • Energy clearing and release using the vibrational tools such as crystals, herbs, essential oils, or sound
  • Breath or meditation techniques to facilitate release and deeper relaxation
  • Guided visualization to activate, actualize and embody your vision

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Hikes & Walks in Sedona

For all fitness levels. Moderate hikes and walks – go at your own pace. Getting out on the land is a primary aspect of receiving the healing energy Sedona is famous for. Regardless of your level of experience or fitness, we can design a hike to please you.

Upon request you may receive a psychic or tarot reading.


Private Tour Prices:

1 Person 1.5 hours $150
2.5 hours $190
3 hours $230
3.5 hours $270
2 People 2.5 hours $220 ($60 each extra guest)
3 hours $260 ($70 each extra guest)
3.5 hours $300 ($80 each extra guest)
Children under 12 $40

For tours of 4 to 6 people we suggest a minimum length of 3 hours.
For tours of 6 to 8 people we suggest a minimum length of 3.5 hours.
Prices do not include gratuities

Terms and Conditions

We are advise to bring with you; water, walking or hiking shoes, hat or visor, sunscreen, insect repellant (only summer time). Please be sure that you consider all physical limitations of each party member before the scheduled tour and notify each party member of what to bring with them.

A valid credit card is needed to hold a reservation.

There is a 30% charge for cancellations when giving less than 24-hour notice.

Refunds are given for tours cancelled due to extreme weather conditions.