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Product Description

The Atlantis ring is known for its unique powers. An extraordinary Amulet/Talisman, it protects against bad luck, accidents, and spells. It also augments the ability to tap into your own intuitive powers, your subconscious and your soul and will bring good luck to the wearers of the ring. The Atlantis Jewelry pieces are empowerment tools that help bring the vibrations of your thoughts into harmony and balance.

What does the Atlantis ring do?

The ring projects an energy that strengthens the aura and other subtle energies. It can:

  • protect one from psychic attack and other forms of negative thought projection
  • protect one from negative energies / entities
  • lift the vibration of the wearer to enhance health
  • open and increase the intuitive gifts

Many of our friends and clients who wear the ring for the first time report a strong, intense energy traveling from the ring, through their hand and up their arm. The energy then travels over their head and down the rest of their body. It is remarkable that the experience is so similar amongst numerous people.

Sterling Silver and 18ct Gold foil.

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