Chakra Therapy System

This Chakra Therapy System uses the scents, gems, vibrations, and colors specified by the Celestial Realm to clear and harmonize your whole system.


Clearing your chakras is the beginning of a richer, more harmonious life. Use this system morning and evening to create a peaceful, balanced flow of energy within and around you.
Beneath the stones is a matrix field with the copper frequency coil that creates a perpetual energy system. The box is available with engraved design or in solid wood.

Chakra pendulum

By using the pendulum, the Chakra Therapy System will give an accurate reading on the condition of each chakra. Even if you have never used a pendulum before, this system will enable you to locate the energy blockages and assist in correcting them.

Using the corresponding blend of aromatherapy, while you are in the energy field of the system, moves the chakra into balance. The pendulum allows you to view and understand the nature of the imbalance and observe when the clearing is complete. This system is a visible and accurate method to be used by both the experienced and beginner energy workers.

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