Astrology Interpretive Reports

The most advanced astro maps

imqn32vl.gifOur Astrological analysis is designed as a guide for your growth and personal evolution. The subjects are approached from different points of view such as spiritual, nutritional and general information.

Part one analyzes your personality with multiple facets (Sun & Moon positions).

Part two analyzes the influences of the twelve astrological houses. Know yourself, your limitations and your potentials!


We offer:

Astro180.jpgASTRO-FORECAST gives you actual dates when the energies influence your life in a given time period: money, career, power, relationships, concentration, social influence, communication and many more. Price: $19.95


COMPATIBILITY ANALYSIS FOR LOVERS compares your temperaments and personalities: it identifies the theme of your relationship and can be a powerful tool to break old relationship patterns. You will find this to be valuable information if you are married or living together. Price: $19.95